Whatever your worries or struggles with your children – that can all be changed. You just need to understand each other.

You’re not a bad parent, and your child isn’t a bad child. The vast majority of problems come from not understanding each other. All it takes is to change the way you communicate. And we’re happy to help with that. Welcome to Unparenting.

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What is Unparenting, and how can it help you?

Unparenting is a new approach to parenting for today’s parents who are looking for an alternative to the harsh authoritarianism of the past or the permissive, anything-goes attitude so prevalent today. They are looking for understanding and healthy relationships with their children.

Unparenting is based on real-life experience with children and lived out every day in thousands of families. It works with all ages, from babies to teens, because it is based on natural communication.

Unparenting can help resolve your difficulties with children from 0 to 18 – whether it’s everyday problem areas like brushing teeth and getting ready for school, general struggles like defiance and back-talk, or more serious issues with teens. Instead, your children will become your allies and teammates.

No one giving you the answers

We’ll show you how to find your own solutions that will work for you – whether it’s about temper tantrums, sibling rivalry or day-to-day arguments – so you’ll know how to work with your children and won’t need to look to others for advice.

Gain self-confidence as a parent

You’ll find your bearings as a parent and learn how to tell if you’re doing things right with your children. You’ll see how happy and helpful your children become. So you’ll be able to stop doubting yourself and worrying about what people around you might think.

Communication as partners

We’ll show you how to come to an agreement with your child, whether school-age or not yet talking, in any situation – without needing to yell, spank or give in and let them do whatever they want.

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