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Your children don’t listen: How to say “no” so they hear it

You tell them “No!” a hundred times a day. No, don’t touch that, don’t go there, don’t put that in your mouth … And sometimes you feel like they don’t understand you at all and all your efforts are wasted? Or maybe they understand all too well and they’re just pushing your buttons. What do you think? Maybe so. Especially if you’re using one of the four ways parents say “no” that don’t work. And yet that doesn’t mean it’s always wrong to tell your child “no”. Hardly! Come and see what we mean.

The Unmanageable Child: How can you get through to them? Make sure not to miss their signals.

The kind of child that gets called a brat or troublemaker in anger. If you’ve got one of those at home or in your classroom and you’re not sure where to turn, you might find some inspiration in the story of Timmy, a gifted ADHD student. His teacher found four things helpful in working with him. You’ll find them in the article, but it all started with a heart. A heart that longed to understand.