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Parents share their reasons

I want my daughter to grow up to be a self-confident yet also sensitive person. I want to support the communication and strengthen the bond between us. We are also planning to have another baby, and if we do, I would like some inspiration about how to get a child ready for a new sibling.


I’ve been following Unparenting for a while now, usually just the things that really interest me. I have to say that several times it helped me realize what was going on with my little one and avoid a tearful scene. I found that often it comes down to little things. Today I was listening to another one of your webinars and thought it might help me work on myself so I can work better with my little one.


Defiant 3-year-old son. Aggressive toward us and his big sister. All of a sudden it’s like we don’t understand each other at all and all we do is fight. Things came to a peak while we were on vacation and we couldn’t function at all. I want to change that and understand my child.


I want to do better as a mom instead of telling myself every day how hard it is and how badly I’m messing up and then kicking myself for every little mistake … I want us to work well as a family. I want to be able to set boundaries with kindness … I don’t like yelling and then crying into my pillow that evening … I’m tired like never before, but I trust the course will give me some new insight to help me get to a place where I feel comfortable in the role of mother :) I’m looking forward to it!


I’ve done a number of webinars that spoke to me, and I believe the course will help me handle things better with my little one.


For my 4-year-old son - increasingly intense outbursts of anger, aggression, behavior that is dangerous for him and those around him. I want to improve our relationship and feel satisfied with the kind of mom I am.