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How to stop children's aggressive behavior

Three hidden reasons you lose your temper with your children, and how to put a stop to it

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The turning point where a typically misbehaving child mysteriously turns into an “aggressive jerk”. How to recognize it and nip it in the bud
How to respond to anger and attacks so nothing slips through the cracks and it doesn’t get any worse, but instead you help your child find some relief
What is going on inside a child whose anger is turning more and more often towards you. And when you try to play nice with them, they just lash out
What four steps to take when they start getting out of control, so you can turn it around and end up with a considerate young person, not a bad apple or bully

What is Unparenting about?

Are you having trouble with your children? Maybe they’re misbehaving, crying all the time, throwing tantrums, disobeying, telling lies, or talking back. Maybe you’ve tried everything. You’ve read parenting books and asked for advice from your friends and the internet. You reason with your children, explain things, respect them, and try to establish boundaries. You’ve tried being nice and being strict. But nothing works. Why not?

General advice about children doesn’t work. Because it overlooks one important thing: Every child is different. Yours too. They have a reason for whatever they’re doing. You don’t need another set of instructions for what will work on them. You need to understand them so you can find a new solution together that will work for both of you. Unparenting can teach you how.

Unparenting can help you work out why your children act the way they do and see the world through their eyes. It will show you how to relate to them so their behavior can begin to change. They’ll gradually stop acting out, ignoring you and acting defiant, and you’ll find yourselves able to work through whatever is troubling you now.

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Thank you for the webinar. Man, those audio experiences were powerful. I bawled like a baby imagining how my little girl must feel when she’s having an outburst and I’m just adding to her load because I can’t handle it well (yet). I’m still planning to let the webinar sink in a bit, but I’m determined to give it a try, because what you say makes a lot of sense to me and my little girl is worth it. And I’m finally going to go through the course, even though I paid for it a year ago ... I’m a terrible procrastinator, I know :) So thank you again
And done! That went well. This time I invited my parents to watch the webinar too. We live in the same house and had a bunch of conflicting ideas about how to raise my daughter. At first my dad made a bunch of jokes about it (like he does for everything serious), but in the end he said, “Wow, this really must work!” Later I talked about it with my mom, and she was a bit sad that she couldn’t advise me herself, because my sister and I just never acted out like that. I reassured her, “But Mom, you communicated so well with us that we didn’t need to act out and we have the great relationship I want to have with my daughter too.” That brought a tear to her eye. We’re planning to watch the next webinar together again. I’m thinking about offering them the whole course... Thank you for the experience and ideas!
I was with you today for the first time and I really enjoyed it. Thank you. I remembered the things I heard as a kid and always hated. But with your help I’m sure we’ll be able to do things differently :)
Thank you so much for another great webinar, and I’m happy I spent a free evening on it, because it always motivates me to become the mother I want to be: the best partner for my children. Usually I sit down for a webinar feeling like “Finally the kids are asleep” or “Today was really rough with my active kids, finally a few minutes for myself”, and afterwards I feel this new energy and amazing feeling that I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and have a great day with my kids. I don’t feel as much of the burden of responsibility and the feelings that I have to do everything right and instill as much as possible in them. That lets me relax and enjoy my job as a mother instead of doing things because I feel like I have to. I appreciate your work so much and how you’re helping moms enjoy motherhood and grow into a more balanced, happier generation :)
Thank you so much for the course, the webinar, and everything you do. I end up in tears almost every time, because I guess I’m carrying a lot of baggage from my own childhood. I’m a Police parent and my husband is a Teacher parent, but I’ve been trying for a few months now and even though I’m not a Partner parent all the time yet, it’s working! I have two amazing, not always perfectly behaved little girls (4 years and 21 months). They can pause and slow down when things start to get out of hand, and we handle it together. We don’t always manage to work things out, but step by step we’re getting there. I thought things would get better once my little one turned 2, but now I see I don’t have to wait and either patiently put up with it or lose my temper! Thanks to you, we’re already doing better. Thank you!
You’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on inside your child when they go into attack mode, acting out, getting out of control, and you’ll learn how to stop it from happening.