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Parenting courses for parents who want to understand their children better

Whatever struggles you face at home, we’ll help you make changes and feel more confident as parents

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What would you like to see in your home?

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Fewer angry scenes
Is your child having meltdowns and making public scenes, and you want it to stop?
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Better sibling relationships
Are your children constantly squabbling and you would like them to have a better relationship?
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Get a handle on misbehavior
Does your child act out and refuse to listen and you’d like a way to settle them down?
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Get through the Terrible Twos
Are you facing a lot of defiance and just want the tantrums to stop?
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Learn to manage emotions
Do you lose your temper with your children and you want to change?
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Working things out
How to help children do what you’ve agreed on?
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Understand my baby
Do you want the best for your baby, but find yourself at a loss sometimes?
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Be able to set boundaries
Is your child always testing and you want to find the right boundaries?
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Less aggressive behaviour
How to deal with angry outbursts. Biting, hurting others?
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Cope with crying
Do you not know how to calm your little one down and wish they would stop crying so much?
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A better relationship with a teenager
Are they sullen, moody, snappy and you want to get along better?
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Just understand each other more
Would you like to have a good, close relationship with your children, but there’s some friction between you?
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How to start

If you don’t want to be a strict authoritarian parent, yet also don’t want to throw boundaries and rules out the window altogether, then this is the right place for you. Unparenting offers a third path: a parenting approach in which parents and children are both important.

Here are the three ways you can start out:

Unparenting course

The best way to dive into Unparenting is taking our five-week online course. You’ll learn how to communicate with your children so you understand each other better and get through any situation or problem together. From newborn to teenager.

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Free webinar

A webinar is a practical taste of how Unparenting works. We offer one per month on a different topic each time. You’ll see specific situations through a child’s eyes, come to understand why they behave the way they do, and find out what to do differently to lessen the conflict in your home.

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If you’d like to look around first, check out our blog. It offers articles and audio content on topics parents often struggle with: Potty training, pacifiers, boundaries, siblings relationships, parental exhaustion, and others. Start discovering a new way of looking at parenting and at your child.

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It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start :)

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